“Never underestimate the power of clever people to help others see the possibilities, to help them generate a feeling of faith, and to change behavior.”

Another book I’ve read that addresses change, freedom, and moving forward is “The Heart of Change” by John P. Kotter.  If you’ve read any of my blog and website, you’ll know that it’s taken me many years to discover the tools of creating change in your life and business.  In some ways most of us don’t think it’s all that hard to change – until we’re faced with it.

I’d recommend your picking up this book – and to give you a few hints of what it’s about, here are some of the key thoughts that struck me:

“Honesty starts with being truthful with ourselves.”

“In a turbulent world, the requirement for change is ongoing.”Heart of Change John P Kotter

“Individuals who aren’t team players or who aren’t trustworthy can destroy a group.”

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And happy reading!

“When you have too much work, jettison some.”