Business is a journey. Life is a journey.

We’ll be your coach on your journey to personal and financial freedom.

Why We Do What We Do

For us, it’s deeper than Why…it’s ‘Who’.  The reason we start a business comes directly from who the founder is as a person.  Bigger companies hold a vision that stems from the personality of their founders (like Apple, or Walmart) – and for a smaller business like us, our “why” is just a reflection of who we are personally.   Here’s who we are:

  • It’s all about the journey
  • Keep a sense of adventure
  • Fight fear and live in freedom

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Our Mission

Our mission at Henry H. Jones, CPA is to lead business owners to personal and financial freedom by helping you create the business of your dreams. We understand that your business exists to serve your life, family, team and community.

Get Tips for Your Business Journey

Get Tips for Your Business Journey

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