Core Beliefs

Our mission at Henry H. Jones, CPA is to lead business owners to personal and financial freedom by helping you create the business of your dreams. We understand that your business exists to serve your life, family, team and community.

Our Core Beliefs Are:


I believe in looking for the best in all things. It doesn’t mean that you close your eyes to difficulties, challenges, or downright terrible things in your life or business (or in the world), but it means that when these crop up, the attitude with which you face them will significantly affect your future. So many of us as business owners start out with great excitement and eagerness, but as time goes by we become a bit jaded or cynical. I don’t want that to happen to you, so when you work with Henry Jones accountants, whether for your accountancy work, taxes, or business coaching, I’ll look to the opportunities and successes with you rather than dragging you down. Many accountants have an, “Oh, I’m not sure that will work” approach, but not us. We’re aware of potential issues, but we use our time and energy to solve them, or move on. See Optimism



Freedom is one of the most important things in my life, and cycling is the personification of freedom for me. I love the sense of adventure, feeling the breeze ruffle through my hair and the feeling that I can go anywhere the road takes me. The rhythmic rotation of my feet as the miles pass is a form of meditation, my way of being whole and complete with this wonderful universe! I’m amazed that I see something new, different and wonderful every time I ride. I always feel closer to God as I marvel in awe at this wonderful creation He gave us to live in. I’m reminded that He gave us everything we need in abundance – air, water, food, sunshine and love. What a wonderful world! See Freedom



Life and the world we live in are extremely exciting. Living with a sense of adventure is integral to me and my family – and what I’ve found is that it can be as simple as being willing to take a different road somewhere, or not just ordering the same meal at your favorite restaurant, or traveling to a new place on vacation. Maybe you’ve always thought living a life of adventure means moving to a different country, learning new languages, bungee jumping, or skydiving – and that’s part of it too. But I like to live for adventure in both big and small ways. Do you? See Adventure


The Journey

Robert Louis Stevenson said, “It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive”. I find this to be true – often the experience of the journey is far more valuable, exciting, and rewarding than the moment you arrive. Whether you’re simply figuring life out as you go, or you have a clear business business model and selling proposition that you’re actively engaged in completing, I want to help you see the value of the journey you’re on – learning lessons, getting ideas, sharing knowledge, becoming the person (and the business) you were meant to be. See The Journey



One of my favourite writers is Henry David Thoreau, who encouraged simplification. He worked for several years as a surveyor and making pencils with his father, but in 1845 (at the age of 28), wanting to write his first book, he went to Walden pond and built his cabin. He did an incredible amount of reading and writing, wandering through creation, and finished his book. He was passionate about keeping things simple, and in this day and age of constant noise and technology (even this very website which you are now reading!), I value simplicity more than ever. For me, simplicity embraces stillness, quiet, and peace. I find these in the quiet morning of a bicycle ride, spending quite time with my wife and family, and looking in depth at the intricate beauties of the creation all around us. See Simplicity


Fighting fear

Personally, I believe that we are all one, each part of a universe. The walls – the barriers our minds put up in the name of our fears – to ensure our survival – separates us from our oneness. These barriers isolate and alienate us from each other, they give us the illusion that we are separate instead of being part of one. Our bodies are limited in time and space and will not survive this world. This invalidates many of our fears, because our bodies will not survive this world no matter what we do. This realization frees us from our fears. Maybe it’s time we stop building our “prisons of the mind” and live life free of fear. Maybe we should all embrace our oneness and love each other as part of the one. See Fighting Fear



Thank you for reading my opinions on these matters – or my truth. I acknowledge that each of you needs to search for and find truth on your own. I hope that my thoughts help lead you to clarity in discovering truth. In no way do I expect others to believe what I believe, but I do hope that we can all live our lives free of fear, and embrace love.


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