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Get more hours in your day

Imagine discovering that you have more time for working on your new product or service, for marketing your business, or for spending more time with your family. Outsourcing your payroll frees up your time.

Focus on customers, not payroll

You started your business to serve your customers, not to prepare payroll every week or two. Spend your time helping your customers and leave payroll processing to experts who are trained to prepare payroll properly and have the systems to do so efficiently.

Avoid paying IRS penalties

If you prepare your own payroll, sooner or later, you will miss something and incur penalties. It’s inevitable. Our system ensures that you’re on the right side of the taxing authorities when it comes to payroll. You’re free from learning the various laws and regulations and keeping up with the frequent changes.

Reliable tax filing

Relax. Your payroll tax filing and payments will be filed and paid on time, every time giving you peace of mind.

Payroll on your cellphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer

Check in online to securely review your payroll from anywhere – even your phone. You can:

  • Enter time using a secure, private portal
  • Print your own checks at any location
  • Access payroll reports anytime, anywhere

Your Employees access their payroll records online too

Your employees have access to their secure web portal accessible from any device They can:

  • Enter time for the current pay period
  • View check stubs, W-2s, and historical time entered for prior pay periods
  • View and update W-4 info

No more fielding payroll questions from employees

When your employees use their secure, online portal, they can access the information they need in real time, which means you and your HR staff aren’t constantly fielding questions from employees. Your employees will be happier and will be able to look at this information on their time – not your time.

Security and safety

Rest assured your payroll info is in the most secure location available, protected and treated with privacy and confidentiality. Read more about myPay Solutions security.

Vacation and sick time calculated

You and your employees can easily and quickly calculate and view the total hours available for sick time, vacation time, and holiday time. No more Excel spreadsheets or confusion!

Comprehensive Payroll Reports

Each pay period, you get payroll reports that help you see the information you need and help you manage your payroll very quickly. You can choose the reports that best fit your business needs.

Free online training

Through myPay Solutions, we offer free training each week online. Each 60-minute session helps you understand the tools, portal, MyPay Solutions app, reports, and more.


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