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For those who want to let go of what is holding you back, and create new possibilities in your business.




Is this you?

Do you wish you could….

  • No more “FTI” – failure to implement – implement those great ideas you’ve been holding onto
  • Achieve a level of success well beyond your expectations
  • Have more time for that which you love in life
  • And….
  • Discover that it is easier than you imagined?

As a business owner, you put your heart and soul into growing your business, not always an easy task. And sometimes, despite all your efforts, your business isn’t growing the way you hoped it would. You are not alone.  Read more about how you can join other business owners in success.

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The question is, are you ready to do something about it?

Our Business Coaching Program has been developed so that you can create a thriving business (or multiple thriving businesses!) that fulfill your dreams.

We believe that success in business is not a matter of luck or chance. Rather it belongs to those who apply sound, proven business success principles. Our Business Coaching Program significantly increases your chances for success by combining proven business growth principles with our “secret ingredient,” resulting in a uniquely distinct, impactful business coaching process.

Why we’re passionate about this

We want our business clients to hit the level of success they want to see. To do that, a few years ago I completed an intense two-year learning and coaching program facilitated by Innovative Learning to take my business advisory skills to new heights. As I progressed through this program, our own business really started to thrive. In fact, all of us at Henry H Jones, CPA began to enjoy extraordinary breakthroughs at both the professional and personal level.

After I successfully completed the program and was awarded the designation “Master Advisor”, I realized much of what I learned would apply equally as well to our clients. Innovative Learning agreed to partner with us so we could offer our Business Coaching Program.

My mission is to lead business owners to personal and financial freedom by helping you create the business of your dreams. The Business Coaching Program is about changing lives. My life – and my business – has been changed because I went through this program. I’d love to go through it with you as well.

-Henry H Jones, CPA

Core Beliefs

The program is based upon three core beliefs:

  • Anyone who wants to manifest a business and life of success on their terms can do so.
  • Implementing an effective, focused action plan is essential to your success.
  • A shift in thinking can transform your business and life, and ease the attainment of your goals.

Innovative Learning: Identifying The “Secret Ingredient”

There is a critical, often neglected focus that can have a profound effect on business results: the human factor. We’ve teamed up with Innovative Learning who bring an uncanny ability to impact the human factor as it relates to business.

Innovative Learning’s work is based upon the simple principle that the world each of us lives in is shaped largely by our thoughts. Unknowingly our thoughts often form self-limiting views that create unnecessary obstacles to having the results we want.

Innovative Learning’s Role

Innovative Learning will be facilitating a two-day Thriving Business Experience workshop where you will learn how to identify and clear away these self-limiting views, revealing a new set of possibilities for your business and the pathways for achieving it. We know how freeing this can be because we’ve personally experienced it, and continue to do so every day.

To Start: The Thriving Business Experience The two day Thriving Business Experience will allow our work with you to progress more rapidly and make it easier for you to reach your goals. This workshop will be held on January 28th and 29th in Tempe (Phoenix,) Arizona. The cost of attending this event is included in your coaching program fee to us.

The Thriving Business Experience also serves as the start of Innovative Learning’s continued learning program to support you in mastering the personal skills that will make your journey easier and your success greater. Innovative Learning will also facilitate monthly group learning calls between our live meetings to continue the development of personal skills.

Program Details

Stage One: Your Goals We begin by clarifying your personal and quality of life goals as well as your business objectives. Next, an assessment reveals current reality and helps us focus on key issues.

Stage Two: Your Action Plan From there we work with you to create a simple, sharply focused business plan to guide your actions. Your plan serves as a road map for the journey and we will refer to it often.

Stage Three: Making Things Happen Implementing your plan will be much easier with our guidance. We know that achieving goals occurs as a result of taking the right actions. As you’d expect from a good coach, we’ll support you in staying on task and implementing actions you’ve agreed to. We’ll monitor progress against agreed upon objectives, and suggest course corrections as needed. Our focus will always be on the most direct way to achieve your goals.

Your Investment

This program is not for every business owner. We don’t want you to make a judgment on this program based on cost alone – we’d like to talk with you first to make sure we’ve explained the program clearly. Glancing through this brochure is a good start, but it doesn’t reveal even half of the power, excitement, and enthusiasm of those who have been through it.

If you think the program could be for you, drop us a note or give us a call, and we’ll explain how it works. If it’s not for you, no problems! And if it is, we’ll give you further details then.

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If the Business Coaching Program sounds interesting, we can give you a little more detail so you know whether it could be for you or not.  Click here to request a call.

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“The biggest obstacle to my success is me. I’m learning how to get out of my own way so I can accomplish my vision.” – Michael Mouriski, Folsom, CA

“The insights and ideas I gained are so valuable that I am not only affected professionally, but personally. I am forever moved, touched and inspired. I get so much from every aspect of the program and use the insights and valuable ideas daily. Priceless!” – Lisa-Fine Muth, Roseville, CA

“I had high expectations coming into this, and they were significantly exceeded. I got deeper clarity on how to pursue my vision, and the tools to get there. Exceptional!” – Don Leininger, Minneapolis, MN