Writing a business financing plan to support your request for funding (Funding Series 4)

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In the final post of our business funding series, let’s move on to the specifics of a well-prepared business financing plan that will support your request for funding—and your ability to get it. How do you go about gathering all the business information and financial data that you’ll need? A quick internet search (or a visit to an actual bookstore or research library!) will reveal tips, techniques and strategies for pulling together a business financing plan that does the job it needs to do. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider in your business financing plan.  This is by no means an attempt to leave you to figure it out yourself.  We’d be glad to...

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Are You Ready to Secure Business Funding? (Funding Series 3)

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Now that (from our previous posts) you know about the wide range of funding available, it’s time to take a look at the process of securing that funding. Whether you decide to go with debt or equity financing, there’s a universal factor involved in being approved. Your business absolutely, positively must be perceived as a good risk by your potential source of funding. For that reason, you must be fully prepared for intense scrutiny of every aspect of your company. Although the procedures and processes may differ slightly from one source of funding to another, two rules of thumb will serve across the board: Rule One in Securing Business Funding: Be prepared. Rule Two...

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Types of Debt and Equity Financing (Funding Series 2)

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In our last post we talked about debt and equity financing (or funding), and which you might want to consider.  Now we’ll branch out into some more detail on the types of debt and equity financing, so you can be better informed for your business. Debt Financing Used by Most Small Businesses Financial Institutions:   This includes : –       Commercial banks –       Community banks – local banks that focus on the community at large and have a keen—and vested—interest in maintaining solid relationships with both individual and commercial customers –       Credit unions – support the vision of their members If you need...

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Types of Business Financing (Funding Series 1)

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As almost every business owner now knows, bank loans have long been the traditional source of business support, but things are different now.  With a tough economy that is just now starting to get back on its feet (depending who you listen to or believe!), many businesses are turning to other resources in their search for funding (or business financing). No matter what business you’re in—and for whatever reason you need funding—there are two major types of business financing to consider: debt and equity. Debt Financing Your first option is Debt Financing, the most straightforward funding alternative. Debt financing usually requires periodic interest payments and...

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